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A Digital Video Recording (DVR) system is essentially a large computer hard drive that stores compressed video, which can be easily accessed by date or time. Unlike bulky videotape, digital allows you to quickly jump to a specific date or time instead of having to fast-forward or rewind. Alarms and motion detection parameters can be programmed for the specific needs of a business.

A major advantage is the ability to monitor the activities inside a store or restaurant from a remote location. Profitek's browser based remote module allows you to connect from anywhere you have access to internet in real time. Chains concerned about shoplifting and employee theft can trace dubious transactions. If employees know that constant monitoring is a viable option, it may DETER them from engaging in inappropriate behavior.

It is important to be able to DOCUMENT a security breach, business issues, or any event that could lead to litigation. The clarity of images from the Profitek (120fps) system is important because often, it takes clear evidence for a company to reduce the risk of liability or for prosecution of theft incidents. Another feature of Profitek's surveillance is the ability to record transaction data as an overlay of the video signal coming from the till camera(s). This allows owners to clarify any issues arising from exchange of cash between employees and customers.

For more detailed information on the system specifications, please click herepdf.

Digital Surveillance

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