In an institutional environment, such as a school or corporate cafeteria, armed services, food service or certain types of convention environments, operators need to serve large numbers of customers in a mixed cash and “on-account” environment.

Institutions often issue an ID card that will be used to make payments against a prepaid or preset balance. The same food item may be priced (and taxed) differently depending on the type of client, such as resident or non-resident, staff or student, or an event attendee. Additionally, some items must be made unavailable to some clients for health or age of majority reasons. Some of your operations tend to face “rush” periods of intense activity. Your POS system must be able to take and complete orders and take payments quickly. You also need accurate reporting so that you can staff properly to meet these demands without overstaffing when the need is not there. You may also want your system to help you promote a smoother traffic flow, by offering incentives or managing schedules so that some clients come in during non-peak hours. Many institutions also have a fine dining facility that needs to operate with full table service capabilities, but on the same network, with consolidated reporting and management. Institutional providers are often large firms that require reporting to, and control from, a head office in another city or country. Location surveillance may be essential to some operators.

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