New options for optimizing efficiency and service

In an institutional environment, such as a school or corporate cafeteria, retirement residence, armed services, or food court, operators need to serve large numbers of customers in a mixed cash and increasingly “cashless” environment.


Leverage our experience in institutional food service management

Manage the Rush

  • Touch Screen or barcode item entry for high throughput
  • Swipe/scan or QR code for quick identification
  • Self-order options bypass the cashier line
  • Tap and Go integrated credit and debit payment

Efficiency through Technology

  • Use a branded ordering app for your school or institution
  • Queue bust with a QR code web link to your online order system
  • Institute a prepaid (gift) card system and eliminate cash handling
  • Consider an all you can eat swipe and enter program for resident dining

Control Costs

  • Reduce staffing costs with self-order programs
  • Eliminate cash handling by taking your cafeteria cashless
  • Reduce accounting time by integrating payments
  • Reduce wastage; know what’s popular and when

Integrate Meal Plans

  • Meal plans increase usage of your facility
  • Meal plans give you upfront payment
  • Meal plans reduce cash handling
  • Meal plans track customer behavior

“Vancouver Community College has worked with Profitek for over 10 years. We use it in our two campus public cafeterias, our two restaurant locations, and at our busy market.
Additionally, Profitek is the system we use for full service Point of Sale training in our Culinary Arts Program. Profitek’s ease of use and flexibility make it ideal for our varied operations.”

Soleille Cyr

Vancouver Community College

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