Optimizing the bottom line on every table you have

Most owners of table service restaurants know a POS system will help reduce costs and increase efficiencies, but that is not enough in today’s competitive landscape. Profitability comes from efficiencies and by topline growth as well. You need promotional tools and staff incentives to drive this kind of growth.


Use every tool at your disposal to grow your business

Managing the Experience

  • Choose from Profitek’s many ordering options depending your facilities and dining style
  • Handles every table service challenge; split bills, split items, coursing, combos, modifiers, promos, tips ……
  • Add tablet ordering for group events, rush periods, and patio/pool service
  • Use a branded app that can combine ordering, loyalty and payments

Increasing your REVPASH

(revenue per available seat-hour)
  • Use preprogrammed specials and events to even traffic flow over the day and week
  • Use a Loyalty Program to promote addons, bring a friend, and birthdays
  • Use Gift Card sales to even out sales during post seasonal doldrums
  • Analyse your hourly traffic and adjust your offerings in response

Managing your Growth

  • Use Centralized management tools for multiple locations
  • Use a branded app to help cross promote multiple business units
  • Test incentives by location and compare results across your chain
  • Get real time and historical reporting from your browser

Controlling Costs

  • A full range of audit tools and multiple security levels monitor and control voids, discounts, promos, cash, tips
  • Manage your staffing with hourly reporting and built in time clock and scheduler
  • Save time and eliminate errors by integrating payments
  • Reduce wastage; know what’s popular and when, and integrate food/liquor costing

“Anyone looking for a true business partner would do well to contact Profitek when they are looking for a restaurant management solution.”

Steve Gardner

Vice President Sammy J’s Grill and Bar

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