Keeping Track and Building Relationships

The merchandizing and sales model for Cannabis Retail in Canada is unique and will require a fresh approach to customer interaction. That has to be combined with robust back of the house inventory control, product tracking and reporting.


Leverage our experience in government regulated retail management

Mandated Controls

  • Batch tracking by lot and date
  • Purchase tracking by customer
  • Enforce customer purchase limits
  • Accurately verify age restrictions

Ordering and Receiving

  • Generate purchase orders by using minimum and par stock levels or sales history
  • Receive or order by data collector and CSV upload
  • Upload orders directly to suppliers, download receiving from supplier
  • Track and return

Know your customers

  • Collect and classify customer preferences
  • Record, sort, and report by demographics
  • Tailor an experience based on purchase history

Reach them anywhere

  • Get in front of customers via web or app
  • Best of breed in-store information and displays
  • Reward repeat customers

“Excellent Product, Exceptional Service, Fantastic Management, Wonderful Sales and Support, InfoSpec once again truly delivered on a solution that helps the company function cohesively.”

Myron Van Snick

City Cannabis Co.

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