Management for Growth

You have to juggle a large variety of items, keeping the right ones in stock ant the right time. Sales, rebates, commissions, kits… It’s a lot to handle. Make sure you are rewarded for the hard work you do.


The Tools You Need to Compete

Manage your stock

  • Generate purchase orders by using minimum and par stock levels or sales history
  • Receive and record serialized inventory and track later by serial number
  • Monitor trends in sales and adjust product mix
  • Make kit items on the fly or pre-make assembled items
  • Count by area or vendor or cycle count with detailed variance reporting

Understand your customers

  • Collect and classify customer preferences
  • Record, sort, and report by demographics, region, price level
  • Tailor an experience based on detailed customer purchase history
  • Reward and promote repeat business

Sell everywhere

  • Get your product online with an integrated shopping cart
  • Update items prices and quantities from the POS
  • Process online orders and update inventory from online sales
  • Inform customers about new products and special buys

Keep things running smoothly

  • Automate sales and special events with price adjustments
  • Monitor and compare sales, discounts and profitability over any date range
  • Fast integrated credit and debit processing
  • Secondary customers displays with promotions

“You’ve got to keep in contact with customers. Profitek’s extensive customer information allows Photo Express to operate a Club Card Loyalty Program with pre-programmed discounts and annual renewals…”

Marcel Comeau

Photo Express

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