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Profitek introduces integrated online ordering

Surveys have found that customers ordering online typically order more by an average of > 15% versus phone-in orders. Customers feel less pressured and are more likely to try new items. Online ordering increases traffic to the restaurant’s website and front door. Integrating online ordering with the POS saves time and money and improves customer satisfaction.
Profitek’s Online Ordering (OLO) Module is a hosted application designed to allow customers to order menu items over the web and have the restaurant receive the orders directly into their Profitek System. The online program is located on Profitek’s secure servers. When customers go to the restaurant website (or a portal if they don’ have a website) they can see the menu items offered, select them, order them and pay for them (optional). OLO is fully integrated, so the orders are transmitted are directly to the Profitek order entry system, eliminating errors and saving time.
Please contact your Profitek Representative to learn More.