Enhanced Productivity for your Kitchen & Bar

A Kitchen Display System (KDS) allows kitchen and bar staff to see everything that needs to be prepped and its status, on screen, all at once. Staff  can quickly respond to order changes and additions and monitor prep times continuously. Items can be directed to the appropriate prep monitor (e.g. grill, oven, bar, dessert) as well as to an expediter where everything can be monitored by the chef or shift manager.

Optimize your Kitchen Workflow

When and How Much

Know the exact status of every item in prep with multi-color displays showing new, in prep, prepped and picked up

Auto or manual bump by touch or bump bar

Sum function to see how many of each item needs to be prepped at any given time

Avoid Mistakes

Respond to service issues before there is a complaint

Flashing warnings for late orders

Rush orders also flash and can display first

Add-ons ?

Add-on management with options to add items to an existing list, rush add  items or normal add items

Plan Ahead

Store and receive delayed orders just in time for pickup

Enter and display orders by course

Profitek’s ease of use and flexibility make it ideal for our varied operations.”

Soleille Cyr,

Associate Director – Commercial Services, Vancouver Community College

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