Fully Integrated to Streamline Operations

Online Ordering presents an opportunity to increase sales and improve customer engagement in an increasingly digital world. People are busier, spend more time on mobile devices, and are more likely to engage with a business with an online presence.

Get More with Less

Increase Business

Get more orders, increase average ticket by up to 15%, and engage loyal customers.

Save Time

Convenient and easy to use for both customers and restaurant staff.

Save Money

Reduce man-hours processing orders and eliminate input errors.

Easy to Implement

Launch quickly and affordably, items are already in Profitek system.

Online Ordering Highlights

  • Mobile phone enabled ordering by branded app or by web link
  • Order ahead or order on-location, perfect for rush service at lunch
  • Orders can go straight to the kitchen printer for preparation, or can be reviewed  for accuracy before submitting
  • Integrated to Profitek items and menu; price and item changes can be instantly synced to the online order system
  • Built in credit card payment, tokenized for ease of use and complete data security. 

Statistics and Analytics

  • View daily, weekly, monthly, day type, or specific day-to-day sales data 
  • Compare data across store locations, make better business decisions
  • Access all restaurant locations, each with their own menus
  • View order history from all restaurant locations in one app

We look forward to new features from the product set and are looking at other form factors and ordering mechanisms. We know Profitek can deliver!

Rob Orchiston,

Panorama Mountain Resort

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