Built to adapt to any environment, so you can focus on what matters.

Profitek’s hallmark is flexibility, offering a solution, which can be configured and expanded to meet the varying needs of different types of food service. We have learned from our previous experience with many types of establishments over the years that businesses evolve; and what you need today, may not be what you need next year or in five years.

It starts inside your operation, making sure orders get to prep quickly and reliably. The Profitek RMW – core module is what directs orders to the kitchen, makes sure you get paid for them, and tells you how you are doing. But, the borders of your establishment no longer start at your front door. The connected world we live in means your customers expect to do business with you from wherever they are and on whatever devices they use. Profitek has designed modules that will help your business thrive in today’s connected world. Look below to see which ones will help you achieve your goal.

“The food and beverage as well as retail POS clients are very usable and staff say it is far better than alternatives they have used at other resorts or hotels. The capabilities of the product, usability, speed, reporting, inventory control are superior.”

Rob Orchiston,

Director of Business Technology, Panorama Mountain Resort

A Snapshot of Businesses We Have Helped