Save Time, Money and Resources  – Gain a Competitive Advantage

Profitek has developed the most complete set of self-order options available in the Hospitality marketplace.


We are all familiar with Kiosks, and Profitek has a self-order interface, with payments, that runs on affordable Windows-based kiosks.


Additionally, Profitek’s OLO module can be adapted to take orders when the customer arrives at your site. Your customer scans a QR code prominently displayed at the entrance and their smartphone goes directly to your online ordering site where the customer enters their order (and can pay) without lining up.


A further adaptation works in table service. The customer scans a QR code at their table, and places their order by smartphone. Restaurant staff is prompted to acknowledge the order and the order is prepared and served.

New Solutions for Today’s Service Challenges


Speed up service, reduce lineups and increase table turns for more transactions per hour from the same footprint.


Reduce your labour costs and improve service at the same time. Bring your bottom line up to where it should be.


Profitek always shows up for work and never quits on you, never needs a break and costs nothing when it’s quiet.


Works in quick service, food court, table service or any combination of environments.

“As we continue to grow and expand our needs to keep up with technological demands, InfoSpec has been right there.”

Graham Beane,

Systems Administrator, Granville Entertainment Group

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