Drive Better Customer Experiences and Make Informed Decisions

While you’re impressing your customers, our software works behind the scenes, ensuring that everything from inventory management to front-of-house is a seamless experience. Whether it’s in front of the world on your website or serving that special customer one on one, Profitek provides the tools.

A Retail Management POS system is similar to a cash register:

Sales are rung in, money is exchanged, change is given, cash is secured and the tender is balanced.

It’s all about the data

What is different is that a POS system captures, maintains and updates enormous amounts of information that can help you manage and expand your business. Explore below to see how.

Last year we brought in 189,000 visitors through our facilities at The UBC Museum of Anthropology and we rely on Profitek and their excellent support team to keep us running smoothly.

Salma Mawani,

Shop Wholesale Manager, Museum of Anthropology at UBC

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