Maximize profits with powerful inventory management software

A well-managed inventory gives your business the flexibility to sell what your customer wants at a profitable price, and the financial freedom to seize new opportunities and special buys

Efficiently Manage your Merchandise

Item Management

  • Classify by size, colour, width.
  • Identify, receive, and track Items by serial number.
  • Sell bulk items by weight or as pre-weighed.
  • List multiple vendors for the same item number or SKU.
  • Create bundles like gift baskets and split/combine large packages.


  • Multiple price groups for retail, VIP, wholesale, staff, etc.
  • Schedule and automate promotional pricing.
  • Quantity and Mix and Match pricing.
  • Set prices by markup or gross margin.


  • Generate purchase orders by using minimum and par stock levels or sales history.
  • Receive or order by data collector and CSV upload.
  • Email orders directly to suppliers.
  • Track and return damaged, faulty, or unsold stock to suppliers.

Stock Movement

  • Full inventory or expedited cycle counts.
  • Extra Item fields allow counting by row, isle, season, etc.
  • Count with data collectors, scanners or manually.
  • Instantaneous or ship and confirm stock transfer capability.

“The key to success in any business is customer loyalty, and in order to do that you must have a great relationship with your business partners to make this happen…which is why Legacy has been dealing with Profitek since we opened in 2010.”

Graham Beane,

Systems Administrator, Legacy Liquor Store

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