Maximize profits with powerful inventory management software

A well-managed inventory gives your business the flexibility to sell what your customer wants at a profitable price, and the financial freedom to seize new opportunities and special buys

Efficiently Manage your Merchandise

Item Management

  • Classify by size, colour, width.
  • Identify, receive, and track Items by serial number.
  • Sell bulk items by weight or as pre-weighed.
  • List multiple vendors for the same item number or SKU.
  • Create bundles like gift baskets and split/combine large packages.


  • Multiple price groups for retail, VIP, wholesale, staff, etc.
  • Schedule and automate promotional pricing.
  • Quantity and Mix and Match pricing.
  • Set prices by markup or gross margin.


  • Generate purchase orders by using minimum and par stock levels or sales history.
  • Receive or order by data collector and CSV upload.
  • Email orders directly to suppliers.
  • Track and return damaged, faulty, or unsold stock to suppliers.

Stock Movement

  • Full inventory or expedited cycle counts.
  • Extra Item fields allow counting by row, isle, season, etc.
  • Count with data collectors, scanners or manually.
  • Instantaneous or ship and confirm stock transfer capability.

“The key to success in any business is customer loyalty, and in order to do that you must have a great relationship with your business partners to make this happen which is why Legacy has been dealing with Profitek since we opened in 2010.”

Graham Beane,

Systems Administrator, Legacy Liquor Store

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