Today’s Loyalty is about more than just rewards

Loyalty is about customer engagement. Engaged customers return more often and become your biggest fans. If you know your customer’s spending habits, you can more effectively communicate with them, allowing you to provide the most attractive incentives. Make yourself stand out in a crowded marketplace.

You Work Hard to find New Customers. Keep them Coming Back.

Know Your Customers

  • Collect and classify customer preferences
  • Record, sort, and report by demographics
  • Tailor an experience based on purchase history


  • Issue rewards and discounts to keep customers coming back
  • Personalize reward offerings to increase engagement
  • Make it easier to collect customer info

Reach Them Anywhere

  • Keep your brand front of mind
  • Get in front of customers via web or app
  • Online rewards management

Increase Profitability

  • Promote special buys
  • Push slow-movers
  • Reward for purchase of high margin items

“Their full suite of loyalty and gift programs have allowed us to get to know our customers better and offer them multiple options and incentives.”

Graham Beane

Granville Entertainment Group

A Snapshot of Businesses We Have Helped