Expertly leverage your data to get and stay on target

The data from your POS system can be used in many different ways; whether it’s identifying problems, finding out who your most loyal customers are, or making sure you have the right product mix. Profitek’s decades of experience in working with retailers has allowed us to create one of the most complete set of reporting tools and analytics in the industry.

Performance Reporting for your Stock, Employees, and Customers

Customer Behaviour

  • Fully customizable customer preference tracking.
  • Most active/profitable customers by subcategory, product type, or vendor.
  • Sales by region or postal code.
  • Customer sales trending by category or customer.

Sales Analysis

  • Multiple analysis of sales by unit sales, dollar volume, total profit, or margin.
  • Sales by vendor, brand, category, subcategory, or 4 customizable options.
  • Sales by hour/day/week/month/year.
  • Multiple period sales comparisons.

Employee Performance

  • Track sales and margins by employee, and get the best performers to help others.
  • Commission calculation and reporting by gross volume or profit.
  • Spiffs sales on old stock and slow-moving items.
  • Full control (with tracking) on what functions individual employees can use.

Stock Control

  • Stock flow reporting; know what is selling versus what is coming in.
  • Buying reports with sales history and minimum/par stock levels.
  • Reorder reports with sales history by period and current stock levels.
  • Pop up sales history and stock levels from purchase order screen.

If you are looking for a single terminal, or a multi-terminal location solution, I would recommend Profitek to anyone looking for a reliable, affordable, well designed and well supported POS product.

Graham Beane,

Systems Administrator, Granville Entertainment Group

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